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    Invited talk at Brave Software on browser fingerprinting.

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    Adgraph won 3rd place for the applied research paper award at CSAW, NYU Tandon.

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    Awarded Ada Louise Ballard and Seashore Dissertation Fellowship.

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    Selected to present my internship research project to Craig Federighi, SVP at Apple.

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    Joined Apple as a WebKit privacy intern.

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    Awarded Graduate College Post-Comprehensive Research Fellowship.

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    Presented my research on graph based ad & tracker blocking at Ad Blocker Dev Summit.

Fingerprinting the Fingerprinters: Learning to Detect Browser Fingerprinting Behaviors

Umar Iqbal, Steven Englehardt, and Zubair Shafiq

IEEE Symposium on Security & Privacy (Oakland), 2021.
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AdGraph: A Graph-Based Approach to Ad and Tracker Blocking

Umar Iqbal, Peter Snyder, Shitong Zhu, Benjamin Livshits, Zhiyun Qian, and Zubair Shafiq

IEEE Symposium on Security & Privacy (Oakland), 2020.

Best applied research paper, 3rd place, CSAW NYU Tandon.

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ShadowBlock: A Lightweight and Stealthy Adblocking Browser

Shitong Zhu, Umar Iqbal, Zhongjie Wang, Zhiyun Qian, Zubair Shafiq, and Weiteng Chen

The Web Conference (WWW), 2019.
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The Ad Wars: Retrospective Measurement and Analysis of Anti-Adblock Filter Lists

Umar Iqbal, Zubair Shafiq, and Zhiyun Qian

ACM Internet Measurement Conference (IMC), 2017.
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